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Oddsmonkey Promo Codes

Right now you can get full access to Oddsmonkey for just £1. This offer only lasts until 25th August 2017 so take advantage now and see all the amazing software that Oddsmonkey have on offer!  How to get the £1 Trial: Click the green button above and

Profit Makers Guide to Sharbing

Sharbing is a great way to make money from arb bets. If you are a matched bettor then you will know that taking arbs is a big no no. Bookies don’t like arbs and you will get gubbed if you take too many. So generally it’s best

Profit Maximiser Review 2017 – Our experience with it

Profit Maximiser was pretty much the first complete matched betting service, it paved the way for today’s huge sites like Oddsmonkey. When it first came onto the scene Profit Maximiser was a game changer for the industry. It started the ball rolling. Since then though there are

Is matched betting legit? We tell you our experience

Let mt answer your question straight away. Is matched betting legit? YES! If you aren’t sure what matched betting is then you can read about that here, if you have heard of it but aren’t sure whether it is a scam or worth the hassle, then read

Oddsmonkey Acca Finder Review

The Acca Finder is the latest piece of software from the Oddmonkey team. This has been designed to simplify accas and it achieves that goal and then some. Finding accas is a time consuming process and sometimes the odds have change by the time you have found

Mug Betting – A Beginners Guide

The only thing that can stop your march towards matched betting riches is getting “gubbed” from your bookie accounts. If a bookmaker suspects you are a bonus hunter they will take action and limit or remove the number of promotions you are eligible for. Not good. We Protection Status