Profit Accumulator Review 2017: We no longer recommend them

Profit Accumulator is one of the most recognisable matched betting sites. I used to be a member there for over a year. Gradually their service has declined to the point that now I wouldn’t recommend their site when there are so many better alternatives out there. Oddsmonkey for example.

If you are looking for an completely honest review of Profit Accumulator from someone who was a member there for a long time then read on.

Many people will worry that matched betting is a con and that Profit Accumulator is in on that con. So let’s clear that up straight away. It isn’t a con in anyway shape or form. It’s a legitimate way to make money and Profit Accumulator is a legitimate website to learn matched betting. It’s just not the best one.

You need to be careful with your money and invest it wisely online and at Profit Maker we want to make sure you get the best deal and best value for money.

So is Profit Accumulator any good?

Overview of Profit Accumulator

Every day the Profit Accumulator website will post all the money making opportunities on their website for matched bettors to follow. They also have tutorials on how to get started. So no matter whether you are an experienced matched bettor or a complete beginner you can use them to make money.

However, their service is more expensive than their main competitor and their software and tutorials are nowhere near as good.

Previously Profit Accumulator was £22.99 plus an additional £15.99 for extras like the Horse Racing matcher. This cost has recently dropped to £17.99. Probably because they are losing customers to Oddsmonkey which is a £15 flat fee for everything. Plus with Oddsmonkey you get more tools and better designed software.

Oddsmonkey originally provided Profit Accumulator with all their software. They have long been the brains behind matched betting software. Now that they are providing a full matched betting solution there is no one better to go with as their software is very very good and has years of development behind it.

Note: We’ve written up a separate Oddsmonkey review which includes a full overview of their service.

When I first started matched betting Profit Accumulator were the best site. I enrolled on their site and despite knowing nothing about matched betting I made around £800 in my first month. It was a life changing moment. There are no risks to trying this out for yourself as they offer a full money back experience.

The best thing back then was the forum, you got great support from the community and staff however this no longer seems to be the case and is one of the main reasons I chose to leave them. When you first start out with matched betting it is likely you will need support to alleviate your worries. I was able to post on the forum and say guys I’ve made a mistake, how do I fix this. I was panicking. I needed the support and advice and I got it. My worries were quickly taken away.  These days though the staff seem far less active on the forum and my questions were starting to go unanswered.  For me this was no good, you are regularly dealing with large sums of money when matched betting so if you are unsure about something the anxiety can kick in. You need reassurance and once I stopped getting that I signed up to a site that gave me it. Oddsmonkey.

Part of the reason for Profit Accumulators faltering service is that there most helpful forum members have also made the jump to Oddsmonkey. The experts and beginners alike are choosing the cheaper and better service. As any sane person would.

Let’s look at Profit Accumulators service more in depth.

Software & Services

Profit Accumulator have all the basics you will need. An oddsmatcher, a calculator and a forum to ask questions. They have since added some more software as well like a horse racing matcher.

Tutorials & Training Videos

This is where I learned my trade and it does the job well. The videos and guides are easy to follow and will do a good job of teaching you the basics on how to get started.

They have a good beginner section to get you started.

Because of these tutorials you can be more confident in not making a mistake and you will know exactly what you need to do in order to profit from sign up offers and the daily reload offers posted on the site every day.

Matched Betting Calculator

Profit Accumulator have a simple calculator that will tell you what you need to back and lay as well as telling you how much profit you will make. This is fine for most offers but it doesn’t have the advanced features of some other matched betting sites and they still send people to a site called tricky bet in order to calculate more complicated bets. Not ideal as tricky bet isn’t the most straight forward calculator to use by any means.

So this means you have to have 2 websites on the go to workout your bets, instead of just one. I find it amazing that they have’nt upgraded their calculator to include more advanced features yet.


Previously Oddsmonkey supplied Profit Accumulator with their oddsmatcher which was one of the reasons the site was so popular. They then decided to end ties with Oddsmonkey and develop their own oddsmatcher. We think this was a huge mistake as the oddsmatcher they have developed is very poor in comparison to Oddsmonkeys.

Bizarrely they decided to make the decision to change the oddsmatcher at the worst possible time. Right at the start of the Cheltenham festival. This is the most profitable period of the year for matched bettors and they pulled the most key piece of software. When they first launched their own it didn’t even work properly. The decline had begun.

Profit Accumulators new Oddsmatcher has less features and covers less markets.

Matched Betting Forum

Like I mentioned previously, one of the best things about Profit Accumulator was their forum and the help and advice that was available there.

It is still good but in my opinion not as good as it once was. A lot of the more experienced members have jumped ship to Oddsmonkey and at times the forum is so busy that many threads and questions sink out of site before they get answered.

However you will still find useful tips there and the members will often post offers that the staff have missed.

Don’t underestimate how important the forum is to any matched betting site. At some point you will need help and this is your first port of call.

Profit Accumulator’s forum also has a great deal of talk that revolves around actual gambling and that is something we don’t advocate. It’s a slippery path and totally unnecessary with the money available from risk free matched betting. The moderators do try to keep on top of this but on such a busy forum it’s a hard job.

Another big gripe I have about their forum is the now completely over the top moderating, if you dare mention a problem with the site the thread will disappear. No criticism is allowed.


Profit Accumulators support is pretty good if you bypass the forum and go directly to them. The staff are experienced match bettors and are happy to help you if you need it when you contact them. Sometimes they can be slower to respond than we would like but we understand that they are busy people.

The Match Catcher

This is basically an upgraded oddsmatcher for the horse races. It’s much more up to dates a provides more of real time look at the current odds and matches.

We have no real issues with the match catcher. When it first launched it was very buggy. Now it is quite stable but it still lags behind Oddsmonkeys equivalent.

Also previously they charged you extra for it which was a bit greedy in our opinion. It is now part of a standard membership fee.

This tool is particularly useful on Saturdays for the channel 4 racing offers. Odds move fast so you need something to make this provcess that bit easier and the match catcher does that.

Accumulator Software

This is a new piece of software from Profit Accumulator and you have to pay extra for it.

The Acca Catcher will help you with your accumulators and making profits from every acca then becomes a breeze. But come on PA, why charge extra for it when Oddsmonkeys is completely free as part of their premium membership. Plus Oddsmonkeys works better! This is a prime example of the slipping standards at Profit Accumulator.


The staff at Profit Accumulator are really good at posting all the latest offers. Once you have completed all the sign up offers you need to move onto the daily reloads in order to continue making lots of money every day.

The reload offers are as profitable as the sign ups and new ones role in every day. SO every day you can login to the site and find the latest offers and learn how to make more money.

All the offers are posted on the forum with brief instructions on what to do to take advantage. Then underneath more helpful members of the community will post good matches and bets to help you get the offer complete.

Reload offers are how we make money every day moving forward. The journey is just beginning once the sign ups are complete.

Comparison vs. Competitors

Profit Accumulator are one of the most popular matched betting services and they are good at what they do. They have made themselves a lot of money from their members so naturally competing services have popped up to get in on this new industry. This seems to be where they have faltered, they seem completely unable to compete with the software on offer by Oddsmonkey and they don’t want to match Oddsmonkeys lower price.

The support is good and they have a very busy forum but this can be said of Oddsmonkey as well.

If Oddsmonkey didn’t exist we would happily recommend Profit Accumulator but right now your money is better off invested in Oddsmonkey.

Once you become a proficient matchede bettor you can start to take advantage of the tools Oddsmonkey have on offer and gradually increase your monthly profits month on month. You will find yourself stagnating and becoming bored with Profit Accumulator. It just doesn’t have the variety of money making options.

Other competitors are out there which are free. It’s nice to get things for free but this is one of those times where you get what you pay for.

Success Stories

There are tons of success stories on the forums and they have sections for people who have made into the “£1k club” etc all the way up to the “£100K Club” that is serious money. We aren’t fans of the bragging and find it demotivating if we don’t make as much as the braggers but each to their own.


Profit Accumulator is a good site. We are grateful to them for getting us started on our matched betting journey. It’s just no longer a great site and it’s definitely not the best site. That honour lies with Oddsmonkey.

Considering the recent price drop from Profit Accumulator we have awarded them 3/5 stars for their service.

Our final word is that while Profit Accumulator is a good site you are much better off investing your time in Oddsmonkey.

You can get FREE TRIAL of Oddsmonkey by clicking here.


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